Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Index

The index of films is finally up and running: all the films I've written about now appear on the list, complete with links back to the original entries. Particular thanks to my wife, who did the vast majority of the (tedious) work to get the index up to date, and who created all of the links; she also spotted various errors into the bargain, so the whole blog should be much improved in the next few weeks.

The index is strictly alphabetical, as if there were no word breaks, and I ignore articles that begin a title ("a", "an", "the" and their equivalents in other languages where I'm aware they are articles). Where a film is reasonably well-known by both an English and a non-English title, it appears in the list twice, unless the non-English title is in an alphabet with which I'm unfamiliar.

Now to get up to date with my most recent viewing!

(Picture from The Ident Zone)

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