Thursday, January 01, 2009

Changes for 2009

The shift from one calendar year to the next is usually the arbitrary point at which many of us make resolutions and changes, and I'm travelling back in time, by the cunning mechanism of changing the posting date, to do the same thing.

I've found over the past few months that finding something to write about each film has come to seem like something of an obligation - and it's not especially linked to whether or not I like the film, or think it's a good film. It's just that certain films seem to spark the urge to set down a few thoughts (a few titles even prompt me to be coherent), and others, for a variety of reasons, don't. While I've certainly seen my share of uninspiring flicks recently, particularly during several long plane flights, there are "good" films which occasionally leave me with difficulty articulating intelligent thoughts, too, and I've been building a longer and longer backlog of half-written posts, rather than simply moving on.

In addition, I've found myself with less time on my hands as I've started working towards a Ph.D., and I'd prefer to watch more films rather than stare at the screen trying to think of something intelligent to say (especially when the film doesn't seem worth the effort; there's a certain sameness, I've noticed, to many of the paragraphs on mediocre releases, and of late writing on those titles has felt like drawing blood from a stone - not a worthwhile endeavour).

I'll still post on each film I see, but henceforth it may be just a picture and a brief comment - or perhaps only the picture - to keep with the overall theme. Hopefully, then, when I see a film that inspires the urge to write at greater length, I'll have a bit more in the tank.


Matt Riviera said...

Sounds good to me. Just keep'em coming!

Gareth said...

I'll do my best! I also meant to add that I'm hoping that being less obsessive about each entry may create a bit of time for posts that are less focused on a single film.

Andy said...

What kind of a Ph.D are you working towards, if I may ask?

Gareth said...

It's on African history (twentieth century, and I'm most interested in what could loosely be termed "leisure history").

Andy said...

Neat! For whatever it's worth, in retrospect I think I should have taken a similar approach to the one you're describing when I started to feel like blogging was more of a chore than a pleasure. Instead I kept going at full speed ahead until I ran out of gas and just sort of stopped. Good luck!


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