Monday, December 21, 2009

Miss Potter

2006, UK/US, directed by Chris Noonan
Although the film works on a small scale, beginning with a beguiling set of closeups of Beatrix Potter at work, it has a surprisingly ambitious purpose. That's in keeping with the personality of Potter herself, a far more interesting person than her children's books might imply, who fought against social strictures both in her choice of career and marriage partner. It's entirely to the film's credit that it sticks closely to the actual details of Potter's life rather than restricting the timeline to conform fully to the conventions of the happy ending (although given that fidelity it's odd that the filmmakers choose to alter Potter's age, making her several years younger than she was in 1902).

Renée Zellweger again pulls off a fine English accent - quite different from her work in the Bridget Jones movies - and strikes more sparks with her Down With Love co-star Ewan McGregor, while Noonan, who surprisingly hadn't directed a movie since his 1995 hit Babe, captures the atmosphere of Edwardian London in warm tones, making judicious use of a few animated grace notes and balancing whimsy and seriousness very capably.

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