Monday, June 25, 2007

Little Black Book

2004, US, directed by Nick Hurran

Brittany Murphy can be charming enough with the right material, but the flat script and pedestrian direction leave her at sea here, mired in a film that is 30 minutes too long, with a plotline that consistently stretches credibility (the passage of time is especially confusing). The film's bite is mostly found in the secondary plot, as Stacy (Murphy) deals with workplace shenanigans in her new job - as a producer for a sub-Jerry Springer freakshow (the supporting cast at the studio is quite strong, featuring Kathy Bates and Stephen Tobolowsky, though one wonders how the strikingly youthful Holly Hunter ended up here). To its credit, the film ultimately follows through on the logic of Stacy's behaviour, rather than crafting a strained and unrelated conclusion, but it's a slog to get that far.

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