Monday, June 11, 2007

Ousmane Sembène, 1923-2007

L'Empire Sonhrai (1963) (short)
Borom Sarret (1963) (short)
Niaye (1964) (short)
La Noire de... (1966)
Mandabi (1968)
Tauw (1970) (short)
Emitai (1971)
Xala (1974)
Ceddo (1976)
Camp de Thiaroye (1988)
Guelwaar (1992)
Faat Kiné (2000)
Moolaadé (2004)

Some further reading:

"The African King" - Richard Porton

"Ousmane Sembène: The Life of a Revolutionary Artist" - Samba Gadjigo

"Woman is the Future of Man: Ousmane Sembène on Moolaadé" - Ray Pride

Ousmane Sembène: Dialogues with Critics and Writers
- Samba Gadjigo, Ralph Faulkingham, Thomas Cassirer

There are several other books on Sembène, but for the most part they focus on the first half of his cinema career; individual chapters in books on African cinema are more up-to-date.

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