Friday, October 30, 2015

Un éléphant ça trompe énormément

1976, France, directed by Yves Robert

Enjoyed this one enormously, in particular for the fine Jean Rochefort performance, and despite the not-always forward-looking sexual politics, with the entire film built around the pursuit of an affair. The scene of consummation and aftermath is absolutely exquisite, as are the attempts to preserve some dignity in farcical circumstances, while Rochefort's moustache is a character unto itself at times. I was keenly attentive to the various off-camera points of interest, and had not previously realized that Danièle Delorme, who died just last month after a very long career, was also a very active producer -- including of Le Plein de super the same year. Although I didn't discover the connection until afterwards, the quartet of male pals in both films had already put me in mind of the Cavalier picture (especially since one of the men in each case was dealing with a departed spouse). More tenuous, perhaps, but I couldn't help but detect a reference to Jeanne Dielman in one brief scene where we spy Delorme methodically making dinner. 

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